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incredible indelible invisible man (durational performance)

Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA, 2006

Bleicher Gallery, Los Angeles 2012

Po Kim Gallery, New York 2013


one-hour site-specific durational performance, The Banff Centre, Alberta, August 2004

long-distance interactive Skype performance: Los Angeles and Taipei, Gallery 333, Taipei, Taiwan | November 30, 2012 7:40-8pm (TPE)

interactive strip and j/o | bj show with "inkjaculate"

site-specific performance, Japan Foundation, Hà Nội, Việt Nam January 2013; right: scars after durational performance

incredible indelible invisible man for War is For the Living show, New York 2013

photo: Chi Nguyen (left), Jordan Rockford (right)

The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada

Solo narrative performance about sweet bitter eros. Highways Performance Space, curated by LeVan D. Hawkins