Boi Band Poser Poster Workshop
Việt Lê with Morgan Claire | 25 July '13, 5:30-7:30pm

This workshop challenges identities and dentifications through pop and props. Thinking through gender, race, and (inner and outer) space, participants will form and “perform” their own pop bands and solo acts. Fun FOBulous times!!!

Averill and Bernard Leviton A+D Gallery, Chicago

As an accompanying project to the Radiation exhibition (February-April 2014) at the Art Center of Chulalongkorn University, Việt Lê will explore The Reading Room’s archive of Thai and international art books in order to “queer” the collection and queery global art discourse.

long-distance interactive Skype performance: Los Angeles and Taipei, Gallery 333, Taipei, Taiwan | November 30, 2012 7:40-8pm (TPE)

interactive strip and j/o | bj show with "inkjaculate"

QUEER ARCHIVES PROJECT | Việt Lê with Khoi Nguyen, 1-8 March 2014 @ The Reading Room, Bangkok

Artist Workshop: Sunday, March 2nd, 4-6pm
Final Public Event: Wednesday, March 5th, 7-10pm; Open performance 8-9pm

Việt Lê will spend a week researching the collection, scanning images and collecting documents. During this time, he will engage with visitors, encouraging them to contribute to the book by sharing (via images and text) their lives and views on topical events, including civil unrest. The artist books will be placed within the collection and distributed as analog and digital versions.

The final project consists of a multi-volume artist book project (analog and digital) which incorporates the existing collection, Việt’s own drawings, scans, as well as interactions with patrons and organizers of the space, to be documented through text, images from participants and photographs. Khoi Nguyen will produce a mirroring installation dealing with (self-) reflection as way to return the agency back to the viewer. The overall project deals with (mis)translation, invisible archives and queer longings.

Boy Band Poser Poster workshop + invited residency, A+D Gallery, Chicago 2013. Part of SEX.MONEY.RACE.GENDER:
exhibit and workshop series | The Ladydrawers (of Chicago, Ill.) Organized by Anne Elizabeth Moore | Exhibition June 27-July 27, 2013

The Ladydrawers Comics Collective is a group of women, men, transgender, and nonbinary gender folk who research, perform, and publish comics and texts about our culture. This summer's residency invites new collaborators in to help us look at sex, money, race, and gender through comics and art.

QUEER ARCHIVES PROJECT WORKSHOP: Workshop participants will create a new book together. Using text, images and actions, participants will create a social (self-) portrait, an archive in which the personal is political—the politics of sexuality, gender and geography is playfully questioned.

Towards this goal, participants will respond to their personal archive of images, as well as produce protest posters and engage in performance gestures.

FINAL PUBLIC EVENT: The final event is an improvised gathering—a combination of “pro-test,” artist book launch and open performance event.

Solo narrative performance about sweet bitter eros. Highways Performance Space, curated by LeVan D. Hawkins