An-My Lê, Small Wars series, 1999-2007, installation view at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Courtesy of Murray Guy Gallery

Oh Yongseok, Drama no.3 and Drama no. 5 (installation view, YBCA) Video, 6:23 mi. and 4:33 min., 2004 – 2005. Courtesy of the Artist

opening at Galerie Quynh, Sài Gòn, Việt Nam, installation by Tiffany Chung

Lee Yong-baek, Steaming out (Post-IMF), Single channel video projection, 7:00 min., 2000. Courtesy of the Artist

Gallery installation view (Area Park, photo; Min Hwa Choi Chul-Hwan, painting), ARKO Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng, Go To Market, acrylic on canvas, 39.25 x 39.25 inches, 2004. Franz Xavier Collection, Courtesy of Goethe Institut